Brooklyn Savvy creator Toni Williams

Meet Toni Williams, creator, executive producer and host of Brooklyn Savvy, a community-produced talk show that gives voice to social issues from a woman’s perspective. For four years she hosted Brooklyn Independent Television’s Brooklyn Reporter Roundtable and received a Telly Award for Raising Sons of Color, which explored the challenges of raising boys in an urban context.

She is also a public relations executive for a Fortune 500 company and is heavily involved in a number of non-profit organizations and boards in Brooklyn. She is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for her work and her tireless commitment to Brooklyn organizations.

6 Comments on “Brooklyn Savvy creator Toni Williams”

  1. Kevin McDonald Says:

    No disrespect your sexy ms.Williams

  2. Wanted to know a what sort of woman are you looking to be on your show or how does one get on your show to participate in the discussions . I am asking on the behalf of someone else . I watched your show today and I really loved it
    Darrell M Smith

  3. Mike Gibbons Says:

    Just found you on Brooklyn Savvy.
    Doing great work. Keep it up.

  4. Melissa Reed Says:

    I sat with my class yesterday at CNR Brooklyn campus, for 2 of your taping. Count me as a fan. Excellent discussions and panelist.

  5. Stacey Anderson Says:

    It’s nice to see there’s an authentic group of women who are representing the black community. I live in Brooklyn my entire adult life and never heard about you. I am watching “Come Chat With Me” on channel 73 where I saw Ms Williams and others talking about the organization. I will be watching your platform moving forward. Blessings!

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